There is a
dusty museum
in your soul, a
collection of relics
that take up space
better spent on
here and now.

Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)
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Les véritables rêveurs n’essaient pas d’accomplir leurs rêves.
Car un rêveur qui accomplis ses rêves arrette de rever.

English : A true dreamer never strives to make his dreams come true, for in doing so he ceases to dream.
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this song gives me eargasms

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Il ne reste plus que de nous, les cendres des cigarettes qui recouvrent nos souvenirs

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Like ice in a glass
We slowly melt
Like a box of matches
You instantly ignite

Being with you
Like a daydream so still
Causing more sorrow
Than the graves I’ve filled

But now im in denial
For you are not there
And the daydreams I had
Now pointless with no thrill.

~poet whisperer~

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  • paledespairomg! Do you not get it. We look where the rocket came from and bomb that place. As soon as no rockets come over THERE WILL BE NO WHERE TO BOMB I love how ISRAEL have to stop first !! Like we have peace with some countries? So like we want peace.
  • So Hospitals and Homes for the Disabled are the source of the rockets.
    I don’t know any wheelchair-missile deployment systems personally ..

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  • 1 week ago
  • ains0phliOkay, I understand your opinion wholly and I agree that any effort of peace must come from Israel's side in the current situation. Thank you for answering my question. Much appreciated.
  • Ok :) Though I do believe both sides need to be commited to peace and it can’t just be a “ceasefire”, there has to be a long term solution :)

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  • paledespairIsrael have said very clearly. the moment Gaza stops firing rockets so will we. They could stop right now and not a single other causality would be caused. Hamas need to stop putting rockets into civilian places and start protecting their people.
  • do you think they intend to stop while israel continues to fire at them ? Both must stop, maybe israel should take the leep and be the responsible side in this.

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  • ains0phliI'm not starting this conversation to accuse or belittle. Just to better understand your opinion. Why is it Israel's fault they are more advanced? Hamas aims to destroy the country, the people, the territory. They aim to strike fear into the hearts of Israelis. They sent missile after missile into Israel, why shouldn't Israel fight back?
  • Because In doing so Israel is Killing innocent people (not to say that hamas isn’t trying to) . I recognise, of course, that Hamas are certainly not innocent : They are not, In fact they have made the conflict worse, that’s why there needs to be real talks on the matter in order to resolve it. It’s not Israels fault that they are more advanced, but If they want to be seen as the good guys they should show restraint. At the moment it just feels like they want an excuse to pummel gaza with rockets (destroying what little infrastructure is left and killing lots of people). When you look at the situation in each country you can easily see which has suffered the most, If Israel wants peace, maybe they could start with a good gesture, such as sending in aid to Palestine ? or helping them rebuild hospitals / infrastructure. That for me would show that they are committed to peace.

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