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Untitled - A Silent Poets Blog

Easter Sunday : I kindof have mixed feelings about posting about Easter, Considering a large amount of my friends are either Atheists or simply haven’t thought about it, I don’t want to “bother” anyone with overly religious status’s but here goes.
If Jesus existed or not, If he was the son of god or not, if god exists or not, It changes nothing : He was still exceptional in the way he lived, examplary to us all, in my opinion. A selfless, forgiving, kind, generous, good human being. So be it that you are christian or not, I think we can all (somewhere) look to him as an example, a way to live our lives. Love others as you love yourself, forgive your enemies and celebrate your friends. Happy Easter.

Untitled - A Silent Poets Blog


wtfismyhead asked:
HEY sooooo I just found your blog and your poetry is absolutely beautiful. Both the French and the English. Also your eyes are really pretty. Not to sound creepy or anything, though!

Thanks :o that’s really really kind of you :’) my eyes are strange, i’m partially colourblind and my pupils go crazy and fill 3/4 of my eyes sometimes x)
Thanks for your compliments on my poetry too, It’s the kindof message that keeps me publishing what I write :’) I really appreciate it.
Have a nice evening :)